Margit Slimakova, M.Sc., Ph.D. / Nutrition & Health Coach

If you live in Prague, or even anywhere else in the Czech Republic, but don’t speak Czech, then this web page is just for you. I have put some basic information here in English, and would be happy to hear from you — with your questions, offers, and requests for help & for consultations:

Healthy Plate

In 2012 I created an aid for putting together a well-balanced diet. Healthy Plate is a new variant on the outdated Nutritional Pyramid, which is unfortunately still used in a whole host of European countries. The composition of the plate reflects modern scientific findings, shows the best way to maintain a healthy body and a healthy weight, creates a solid foundation for health and for the prevention of illnesses, and also supports effective recovery.

Healthy Plate

Source: I was inspired by My Plate, based on the recommendations of Harvard and PCRM

Nutrition & Health Consultancy

From personal experience I know that maintaining your health and nutrition while abroad can be a real challenge. Even in the Czech Republic it may be difficult to find good quality food and groceries. I would like to help you not just with preparing healthy life habits in the Czech environment, but I can also advise you about buying quality food products on the local market.

I provide nutrition and health consultations via telephone, Skype, and in my home consultancy in Prague 9 — please contact me for more information. Prices for services are as follows:

  • One-off initial consultation 1–2 hours + list of recommendations … 85 € / 2,200 CZK
  • Follow-up consultation 20–45 minutes … 30 € / 800 CZK
  • Special offer: 1 initial consultation + 3 follow-up consultations … 140 € / 3,800 CZK
  • 1 hour telephone or Skype consultation … 85 € / 2,200 CZK
  • All prices include 21 % VAT, and I reserve the right to make changes

My Credentials

Practically my whole life so far has been devoted to health, illness prevention, and nutrition. I studied pharmacology and nutrition, I have lived in Germany, China, France, and USA. In my work, I use proven findings from all branches of medicine, and I place great emphasis on illness prevention. I mainly deal with consultation and education in this field. I regularly publish articles, give presentations and organize seminars, and I am an advocate of healthy nutrition and healthy eating in schools. I have three children, and our family lives in Prague.

  • 2015
    • Completion of Advanced Master’s programme at the Pharmaceutical Faculty of Comenius University in Bratislava — doctor of pharmacy, PharmDr.
    • Successful campaign with SZŠ for healthier school canteens, snack bars and vending machines
    • Dozens of large lectures, speeches and appearances, e.g. for Socialbakers, ČVUT University, Sama Doma TV show, Techmania Plzeň and many more
  • 2014
    • Expert guarantor of the Really Healthy School campaign — successful in the enactment of a ban on the sale of unhealthy food and beverages at schools through a decree of the Czech Ministry of Education
    • A scientific article about the administrating of vitamins to children in the magazine Pediatrics in Practice
    • The 2nd place in the crowded Prague finals of the competition Small Business Entrepreneur of 2014
    • Production of the video blog Margit.TV and shooting of videos with Hanka Zemanová and others
    • Taking part in a critical debate at DVTV, giving speeches at the Prague Food Festival, in the parliamentary seminar on GMOs as well as participating as a trainer of teachers, school headmasters and school canteens in a large project called the Health on the Plate
  • 2013
  • 2012
  • 2011
    • Accreditation by Czech Ministry of Education for courses in natural child healthcare for teachers
    • Re-launching of consultation and teaching activities in the Czech Republic after extended stays abroad
  • 2010
  • 2007, Exclusive import of NaturComp mini computers for natural birth control and family planning
  • 2006, Nutrition & Wellness Consultant certification from the professional association AFPA (USA)
  • 2004, Certification as an Ernährungsberater nutritional consultant by IFE Brinkhaus (Germany)
  • 2003–2005, Private nutritional consultancy in Shanghai, China
  • 1996, Chief author of the book A guide to healthy cuisine (Eminent)
  • 1995, Study trip aimed at healing through diet and lifestyle changes (Wildwood Lifestyle Center and Hospital, USA)
  • 1993–1995, Nutritional consultant at Institut celostní medicíny
  • 1993
    • Successful completion of 5-year Master’s Degree pharmacology studies at the Pharmaceutical faculty of the Charles University in Hradec Králové with my dissertation on the subject of The Health of Children on Alternative Diets (clinical study)
    • Professional homeopathic education (Institut Rhodon, Prague)
  • 1992, study trip to an ecological farming company Country Life (France)
  • 1984–1988, studies at the Secondary Medical School in Brno

Contact me

The best way to contact me is to send an email with some details about what kind of help or advice you need:

However, if there is an emergency, you might prefer to call me directly on my cellphone. I would either take your call immediately, or call you back later, when I am available:
+420 606 363 018

For the consultancy, you may also need my street address in Prague:

Margit Slimakova
Meinlinova 18
Praha 9