I promote real food and self-care, educate and improve nutrition in schools and hospitals, write educational blogs and books, and organize the preventive healthcare think tank Globopol.

My projects

  • Books

    I've written two and both have become bestsellers. In them you will find all the essentials about food and taking care of yourself.

  • Food Science

    A cool training course on how to take charge of your health. In a calm, tasty way and without weighing.

  • Podcasts

    Interviews with a variety of experts on how to boost your health and manage everyday difficulties.

  • Online courses

    Short and practical lessons on health and healthy eating, also suitable for businesses and organisations.

  • Globopol

    A health prevention think tank connecting doctors, nutrition experts and other professionals.


About Margit

I am a promoter of real food and the best self-care. After a few years abroad and in Prague, I now live with my husband in paradise, from which I continue to enthusiastically promote all things healthy. Preventing problems is much better than costly extinguishing of the problems that arise. Therefore, I recommend eating good quality food and taking care of yourself, moving around, being outdoors as much as possible, getting enough sleep and enjoying nature, well-being and friends.

I am independent. I do not sell any medications, nutritional supplements or other products. I act only on credible scientific evidence and am not paid by any pharmaceutical or food companies. I have a university degree in pharmacy and dietetics and over 30 years of experience in the field.

In my work, I use proven findings from all branches of medicine, and I place great emphasis on prevention. I mainly deal with providing consultations and public education in this field. I publish articles, give lectures, organize seminars, I also wrote a bestsellers on healthy lifestyle and founded Globopol, the first Czech think-tank dedicated to health and nutrition.


From personal experience I know that maintaining your health and nutrition while living or traveling abroad can be a real challenge. I would like to help you not just with establishing healthy life habits in the Czech environment, but I can also advise you about quality food products on the local market.

I provide nutrition and health consultations via telephone or online, and in my home office in Prague. The prices for services are as follows:

  • One-off initial consultation 1hour 110€ / 2.600 CZK
  • Follow-up consultation 20–30 minutes 45€ / 1.100 CZK
  • Special offer: 1 initial consultation + 3 follow-up consultations 220€ / 5.200 CZK

All prices include 21 % VAT, and I reserve the right to make changes. Bank account: 446219242 / 5500 (Raiffeisen Bank)


The best way to contact me is to call me: +420 606 363 018 or send an email with some details
about what kind of help or advice you need:

PharmDr. Margit Slimáková

Address for billing and consulting:
2 Březinova Street
Prague – Karlín, 18600
(5th floor, elevator on the mezzanine)

Correspondence address:
Jivany 60
Jičín, 50601

Phone: +420 606 363 018
ID: 46219242
VAT ID: CZ6962244256

Account: 446219242 / 5500 (Raiffeisen Bank)
IBAN: CZ26 5500 0000 0004 4621 9242

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